Creative Block

Having discussed Creative Thinking last week, the most obvious choice for this week was to write about creative blocks. In our opinion, creative thinking and creative blocks go hand-in-hand. At times when we are stuck and not able to think or develop anything as per our satisfaction is termed as the “Creative Block” in today’s new-age world.

Let us have a deeper look into the fad term “Creative Block” and learn how to find our way through it.

Picture 1: Assemble the blocks together to get over your creative block


Before we begin let us understand Creative Thinking, read our BLOG to know more.

What is a Creative Block?

Incapacity to produce or to innovate, barriers to inspiration, prevents you from releasing fresh ideas and unlocking creativity.

Creative block is a natural phenomenon and we should accept it as a part and parcel of our human life. We should work on ourselves, include rituals in our daily schedule, and look out for ways to overcome rather than stress over it.

Reasons for a Creative Block:

  1. Fear of rejection: fear that your work is not good enough and will not be accepted by people around you. You are stuck in your comfort zone of not doing anything new and talking yourself out of taking a risk and creating something new. Your inner critic is in hyperdrive, finding fault in every new idea you have.
  2. Anxiety: Tight Deadlines, Schedules cause stress and create barriers in our creative journey.

How to overcome Creative Blocks?

  1. Take a break, rejuvenate yourself and get back to work and you will be over your creative block even without realizing it. Pamper yourself in the break and you will be recharged again
  2. Get to work mechanically, start drawing/scribbling/writing on paper with a pencil, and sooner than you realize you will be knowing what to draw next. Take on a boring, repetitive, monotonous task like washing dishes, cleaning up your house, gardening, cooking, and your creative output will be increased after the task is completed.
  3. Creativity cannot be forced but showing up every day will help you create work, generate new ideas. Persistence and experimentation are the two keys to success and in this case success over creative block.
  4. Inspiration is for amateurs. Write a client’s brief or their target audience with a pencil and this will automatically help you in sketching ideas for the project.

Picture 2: Have fun and creativity will flow within you


  1. Choose one thing/object/muse and draw it differently for 30 days straight. Differences can be in terms of color, position, medium, expressions and this will push your creative thinking out of the box and will help you tackle difficult situations in work.
  2. Believe and your mind will start ways to accomplish the task constructively.
  3. Ask yourself daily, "How can I do it Better?" and your mind will stretch it's limits to find innovative ideas.


To conclude, one must always remember the creative block will not make you less of an artist and you will not be stuck in a creative block forever. Creative block is normal and every human, individual faces it at some point in their career.

A wise man said: I would trade a well-furnished office with a pen and paper.