Creative Thinking - What and Why

Many of us consider creativity and innovation to be gifts of nature. On the contrary it is a skill that can be developed and improved with the right training and technique. We should also understand and break the myth that "Creativity is fully dependent on a source of inspiration" whereas creativity is a result of Consuming all kinds of Content, Being Able to relate to different pieces of Information, and Deconstructing Issues to come to the Appropriate Answers.  

Creative thinking means looking at problems or situations from a fresh perspective that suggests unorthodox solutions (which may look unsettling at first). At its core, creative thinking is intentionally gaining new insights and different ideas through existing information to solve problems (can range from day-to-day issues to corporate-level problems).

Image 1: Shows how thinking differently / out of the box can lead to unique solutions.

 One of the best and oldest techniques to allow your creative ideas to flow is to Brainstorm. The main goal of brainstorming is for the free-flow of ideas without any interference, making a note of the ideas and then executing them. This can be performed individually or in a group.

 The word Creativity means to create where something new is created. Creative thinking is a skill and like any other skill, it needs constant exercise to stay sharp. The exercises for creative thinking include meditation, spending time with oneself and nature, journaling, scribbling or sketching (the contact of pen and paper) and vision boarding.

Image 2: Represents that age-old techniques do make a difference 

In our opinion, everyone can and should cultivate creative thinking and practice daily routines to nurture it. One must regularly expose themselves to situations in which a new idea is needed that demands advanced solutions. Creative thinking has the ability to break the age-old barriers that are holding us back and provides us with the means to unleash our hidden potential.

Picture 3: Depicts how practicing daily rituals to enhance creative thinking actually have an impact
P.S. Creativity was the game-changer skill in 2020 and strengthening this most sought-after skill can set you apart in personal and professional life.