How to use a Calligraphy Ruler

Calligraphy is a form of art which requires patience, practice and  perseverance (the 3P’s of Calligraphy) to perfect the art form. Consistent practice will help in mastering the art-form and build muscle memory but supplies also play a major role. Using artist grade supplies and tools will assist the calligrapher to achieve the desired results.

What are calligraphy guidelines?

Calligraphy guidelines are basically set of lines which help you to determine the size and proportions of the letters, and maintain consistency. Calligraphy guidelines differ as per the script. Guidelines are important to maintain the consistency of your calligraphy.
Calligraphy Guidelines
Picture 1: Calligraphy with and without guidelines showing the importance of guidelines.
Drawing the perfect guidelines is a bit of a challenge and which is why The Calligraphy Ruler by Paints Passion is a handy tool. Using the Calligraphy Ruler, you can draw neat and consistent guidelines quickly.
Calligraphy Ruler
Picture 2: Calligraphy Ruler by Paints Passion

How to use the Calligraphy Ruler?

Calligraphy Ruler can be used to draw the x-heights as well as the slant lines at 2 different angles namely 52 degrees and 55 degrees. The x-heights vary from 3mm to 7mm. In order to draw guidelines; place the ruler parallel to the paper and then place your calligraphy ruler on top of the ruler, the ruler acts as base and guide for the calligraphy ruler.
Calligraphy Ruler with ruler
Picture 3: How to place a calligraphy ruler along with the guiding ruler

Tools required to use a Calligraphy Ruler

  1. Paper
  2. Mechanical Pencil
  3. Ruler
  4. Calligraphy Ruler
To know more, check out our tutorial on how to use a Calligraphy Ruler

Let us consider we are drawing an x-height of 5mm, so we will only consider the holes on the 5mm line and forget about the remaining holes.

Place your pencil on the top right corner of the ‘x’ of 5mm and draw the line. Next place your pencil on the top left hole of the ‘x’ and draw the line. These two lines make the x-height.

Now you can also make the 1st and 2nd Ascender and Descender heights using the Calligraphy Ruler.

To make the Ascender Heights, consider the holes above the ‘x’ on the ruler. Place your pencil one by one on both the holes above the ‘x’ and draw the ascender heights. The hole right above the ‘x’ is the 1st Ascender Heights and the hole next to it is the 2nd Ascender Height.

Similarly the holes below the ‘x’ are used to draw the Descender Heights. The hole right below the ‘x’ is used to draw the 1st Descender Height and the hole below it is used to draw the 2nd Descender Height. Name the guidelines for easy reference in the future.
To draw the slant lines, place the ruler at the desired angle and draw lines at random.
You can also check out our video tutorial on how to draw guidelines using the Calligraphy Ruler
Drawing guidelines is a time-consuming activity with pencil marks all over the place. Calligraphy rulers fastens up the process and eases this activity. Start using this effective tool to draw guidelines for your calligraphy projects.

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