Tools used to start an E-Commerce Business

We at Paints Passion intend to serve the artist holistically right from providing artists grade supplies for your creative journey to your creative well-being to running an online business around your art. Until now we have been talking about the artform (calligraphy) and how to take care of your creative self.
Now let’s steer our focus towards setting up, running, and managing a dream business.

Giant marketplaces like Amazon, Meesho, Flipkart, and many more help small businesses to list their products and assist them in their online sales. But setting up your own e-commerce store will give you control over branding, design, and product presentation. All of these benefits come without paying up a commission for every sale you make via the giant marketplace.

However, running your own e-commerce store involves its own share of hurdles and challenges. To overcome them and to successfully run your web store you need to use some of the e-commerce tools and integrations.

Basic tools used to run and set up an ecommerce business:

1. Go Daddy – for the domain name

Before we start building the web store, we need to finalize a name and a logo for our business or online platform. After finalizing the name, a preferred step would be to register the business with your local jurisdiction and apply for documents (PAN Card, GST Number, and a bank account). A step further would be to safeguard and apply for a trademark registry for your brand name and logo.

Now it is time to protect your business identity online by buying a domain name for your business or online website. Head on to to check for the availability of your brand name and to buy a domain name for your dream business.

Picture 1: A screenshot showing the availability of domain name

2. Shopify – for website hosting

An e-commerce website-building/hosting tool can help you design a beautiful online store, putting your brand and products at the forefront. Shopify comes in handy for designing an e-commerce website as it is a drag-and-drop website builder that can be used by novices as well. Shopify allows you seamless and easy integrations with third-party applications.

Shopify is a fully hosted package that manages everything from backups to. A single dashboard to manage everything from orders to shipping and reporting.

Picture 2: A screenshot of our Shopify dashboard.

3. Razorpay - for payment integration

Accepting online payments for your products and services is an integral part of an e-commerce business. Web hosting services allow integrations with third-party payment providers to make online transactions trouble-free and easy to manage. It also provides a secure way to process sales by accepting credit card payments.
Razorpay – is a widely used service provider to accept payment. Razorpay provides an easy dashboard to access and analyze data; quick settlements against your sales; a nominal commission fee against your sales and helps with invoicing. Razorpay provides you with a plethora of options to collect payments from your clients
Picture 3: A screenshot showing our Razorpay Dashboard

4. Mailerlite - for email automation

Email is still one of the most powerful channels for marketing. According to Salesforce’s Reports, 82% of marketers use email to communicate with customers and prospects.

We use Mailerlite for our email automation. With the free plan, Mailerlite allows access to analytics and mail schedules but only for 500 subscribers. Mailerlite seamlessly integrates with Shopify and thus can add products in the mail. It also allows for the creation of landing pages and website pop-up forms to collect email addresses. Lastly, Mailerlite has user-friendly monthly payment plans, thus making it perfect for financially bootstrapped start-ups.

Picture 4: A picture of one of our Email Campaigns

This marks the end of the essential tools needed to start your dream online e-commerce store. We hope this blog post has helped you in taking the next step for your dream business and making it a reality. Feel free to reach out to us if you need any help in starting or managing your dream business.