Creativity needs to be original
Creativity does not necessarily always have to be original, just a different outlook to existing problems and a solution to solve them is creativity. Businesses, corporates do not always have a unique idea; it is just a different approach to solve the existing problem guarantees them success.


Creativity is linked to art
Creativity is applied to our day-to-day activities also. A mother raising her child, is a creative process. Anything new, anything not a part of the routine is a creative process. A person tapping into their full potential via various methods and routines is also creativity as the individual was determined to make his life better which led him to creative thinking. Music, dance, writing, programming – everything is creativity.
Creativity cannot be taught; you are either born with it or not
Every human is tuned to find solutions to his/her own problems and the process of finding solutions to improve your current life, or help others is an act of creativity. Creative thinking can be developed, nurtured through systematic activities and routines

Creativity isn’t my job
To live, to survive, to thrive, to sustain – we need to be creative in your thoughts and ideas. Creativity is not only reserved for artists; it is for everyone who thrives for change and betterment.