Wax Seal Stamp (Custom Design)
Wax Seal Stamp (Custom Design)
Wax Seal Stamp (Custom Design) -- rules for custom design

Wax Seal Stamp (Custom Design)

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  • It consists only of the Wax Seal Stamp of custom design.
  • Add elegance in every letter, greeting, envelope with Paints Passion Made in India Wax Seal Stamp Kit.
  • Elevate your gifting game with a touch of personalisation and give that perfect finishing touch to your gifts and hand-written letters.
  • It is super easy to use.
  • The diameter of the stamp is 25mm and is made of brass (smooth and shiny, easy to clean, and leaves a beautiful imprint on the surface).
  • The handle is made of high-quality wood.
  • Personalize the stamps with your name, numbers, and initials to add your personal touch for your loved ones.
  • This is a handmade product and there might be a few scratches on the surface but these should not be considered as defects, they actually make the product unique and beautiful in its own way.