Walnut Ink Crystals 10 grams (pack of 5)

Walnut Ink Crystals 10 grams (pack of 5)

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1. This pack contains 5 bottles of  10 grams of walnut ink crystals. This pack is available without the glass jar and pipette.

2. Walnut ink is the most preferred and recommended by calligraphers for practice or for finished work.

3. Make your own walnut ink by using these walnut crystals.

4. This pack contains 5gms of crystals sufficient to make 50ml ink.

5. To make the ink, just add 50 ml of warm distilled water and stir well.

6. This way you will get the rich brown colour ink and to get a light brown colour, thin it with more water.

7. This is a lovely sepia tone ink you can use and holds well in a dip pen