Wax Seal Stamp - Rose
Wax Seal Stamp - Rose
Wax Seal Stamp - Rose

Wax Seal Stamp - Rose

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1. Add elegance in every letter, greeting, envelope with Paints Passion Wax Seal Stamp Collection.

2. Elevate your gifting game with a touch of personalization and give that perfect finishing touch to your gifts and Hand Written Letters.

3.  It’s super easy to use.

4. The diameter of the stamp is 25mm and is made of brass (smooth and shiny, easy to clean and leaves a beautiful imprint on the surface).

5. The handle is made of high quality wood.

6. This is a handmade product and there might be a few scratches on the surface,  but these should not be considered as defects, they actually make the product unique and beautiful in its own way.

7. Let your creativity run wild and experiment with our Wax Seal products, Happy Creating!